Become a Sponsor

There are a number of sponsorship options including:

* Child Sponsorship at one of our education centres:  This costs AUD$50 per month and covers a child’s educational expenses, school supplies, uniforms, and nutritional meals and snacks.  You are able to support this child not only through to the completion of their primary and secondary school education, but beyond into the Work Skills and Education Project to help them complete university or vocational training should you wish.

* Staff Sponsorship at one of our education centres:  This costs AUD$175 per month and covers a staff members’ salary, uniforms, work supplies and also provides them with a nutritional meal each day when they are at work.  These staff members include teachers, cooks and cleaners, and all play a vital part in ensuring the children at these education centres are given the best opportunity possible to reach their full potential.  They all have a real heart to serve their country and make a brighter future!

* Sponsorship of a Work Skills and Education Project Student:  This costs AUD$60 per month and will cover the cost of a university course for one year.  This sponsorship covers the student’s course fees, educational supplies, transport costs and other incidental costs that apply dependent on the chosen course of study.

* A one off donation to assist the expansion of our projects, or to help towards the expenses of our students who don’t have sponsors yet.

Please contact us should you wish to discuss any of these options further:


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